Room TypeWinterSummer
Single Queen Bed$89$99
Single Queen Bed with Full Kitchen$105$120
Single King Bed$99$110
Single King Bed with Full Kitchen$115$130
Single Room with 2 Queen Beds$125$135
2 Queen Beds with Full Kitchen$135$155
1 Queen and 2 Twin Beds with Full Kitchen$145$165
1 Queen and 2 Double Beds with Full Kitchen$155$175
2 Bedroom Apartment with Full Kitchen and Living Room$199$299
1 Bedroom with a Single King Bed
Full Kitchen and Living Room Space
Sits on 3rd Story and has Beautiful Views of Winchester Bay

All prices reflected above do not include taxes and fees. Prices may vary on weekends, holidays and during special events! We have limited pet friendly rooms which are subject to availability and must be reserved ahead of arriving at the property. Pet fee of $25 per night will apply and only 1 pet is allowed.